• Unlimited hot water any time of the day or night – that’s the beauty of bath times with OnGas. You’ll be able to power through mountains of washing and still have an endless hot water supply for showers and baths, no matter how large your family or how many friends and relatives come to stay.

    A mains water pressure should be considered when having gas installed. The benefits of a mains pressure system include:

    • Increased pressure reduces the effect of a change of temperature if a tap is turned on elsewhere in the house while you’re in the shower.
    • Baths, washing machines and dishwashers fill quicker, reducing your waiting time.
    • Everyone in the house can enjoy constant, hot showers.

    Home hot water heating typically accounts for 30% - 40% of your household energy consumption - so it’s important you choose the most suitable energy source for your needs. With gas you can choose between two basic types of water heater:

  • Storage Water Heaters

    Storage Heater

    Gas burners heat a cylinder of water stored on your property. If you have a tub or spa, you can heat the water using a gas spa heating system.

    Heating your water with OnGas also means you will have endless hot water for all your home needs, including a luxurious spa, hot tub or pool. You will never run out of hot water again!


    • Large amounts of hot water - Enough for massage showers, deep baths and multi tap operations
    • Large burners - enable you to reheat water much faster that electrical models
    • Inside and outside models available - giving you flexibility with your house layout
    • Numerous size options - choose the best model to suit your home
    • No electricity required - power cuts won’t affect your hot water supply
  • Continuous Flow Water Heaters

    Water Heater

    These heat water as it enters your hot water system removing the need for on-site water storage.


    • Continuous, unlimited hot water
    • The units are small - freeing up valuable space for you to use for other purposes
    • Can be installed inside or out - giving you flexibility with your house layout
    • No stored water to keep hot - running costs to heat your water are minimised
    • A number of capacity options - choose the best model to suit your home
    • Push button control of temperature - no need to mix hot and cold water to get the desired temperature means risk of burns is reduced
    • No waiting - No need to wait for the water to heat up after you’ve been away
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