• Cat Fire

    Who wouldn’t love a warm home that’s snug and cosy, even on the coldest winter nights? OnGas LPG enables quick and efficient home heating in a way that’s much kinder to the environment than many other forms of heating.

    A wide range of models and styles of gas heaters are available, including full central heating that warms the whole house.

  • Flued flame effect fires

    Flued Fire
    • Heat without the effort - no wood chopping, stoking or cleaning
    • Looks like a real wood fire - adds to the ambience of your lounge
    • Simple to control - just flick a switch to start
    • No fumes or odour
    • Freestanding or inbuilt models - a variation of designs allows for the perfect flued flame fire effect for your home
    • Fan models available - allows for a faster spread of warmth
    • Remote control models available - adjust the level of ambience from the comfort of your chair
  • Central Heating

    Central Heating
    • Heats the whole house - no walking from a warm room into a cold one
    • Thermostat control - heat at the temperature you desire
    • No bulky heating unit taking over a room
    • Programmable - get up, arrive home and go to bed in a warm home
    • No hot surfaces - safe for children
    • Simple controls
    • Under floor heating options also available
  • Flued heaters

    Flued Heater
    • Quickly heats the whole room - no need sit in front of it to be warm
    • No fumes or odour inside
    • Easy to start - just flick a switch
    • Neutral colours - enabling an easy match with your decor
    • Feature “clean” designs - unobtrusive in your room
    • Many have timer options - ensure the room is warm when you require
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