• Cylinders and associated equipment should be installed external to buildings. They should be located so that the delivery of gas can be made safely by one person without excessive manual handling or risk to customer’s property.

    In situations where certain conditions cannot be met, other options such as locating the cylinders remotely and piping to the installation can be considered. Please refer to the LPG Association’s Code of Practice number 2 “Installation and maintenance of twin 45kg LPG cylinder systems” for more information (www.lpga.co.nz).

    Cylinder Placement

    Twin pack cylinder stations cannot be positioned within certain distances of openings such as doors, windows, air vents or flue terminals. They should be at least one metre away from any readily ignitable material including paper, dry grass or oily substances. The stations can be contained in their own storage cage, or mounted against the premises with a chain to ensure the cylinders are secure.

    The number of appliances installed in a building affects the vaporisation capabilities of a twin pack. All installations must be sized correctly to provide adequate vaporisation to ensure appliance performance is not compromised. Please refer to the LPG Associations Code of Practice number 2 (noted above) for more information.