• Cylinder LPG

    The cost for bottled (cylinder) supplied LPG includes cylinder refill delivery plus an annual equipment charge*:

    Cylinder LPG Fill

    • 1

      The price per 45kg cylinder fill/re-fill depends on where you live

    • 2

      OnGas picks up and replaces the empty cylinder with a full one

    • 3

      Delivery areas are divided into zones

    • 4

      Call us on 0800 84 12 12 for pricing in your area

    Annual Equipment Charge*

    • North & South Island - Rental is an annual fee of $128.80 for two 45kg cylinders

    *The Equipment Charge is a minimum charge per annum for the rental of up to two 45kg cylinders. Additional Equipment Charges will apply if you rent more than two 45kg cylinders. The Equipment Charge is payable in full in advance at the beginning of each 12-month period of this Agreement, and is non-refundable within the first year of this Agreement.

    For full terms and conditions click here.

    How long do bottles last

    As a guide, we have supplied some figures based on average gas usage. Actual consumption will be subject to other factors such as thermostat controls, how often and at what temperature appliances are used.

    Application Number in household Average refills annually
    Home heating only N/A 6-9
    Water heating only 2 4-6
    4 6-9
    6 9-12

    Each gas bottle (cylinder) contains 45kg of gas when full, which equals 2250 megajoules or 625 kilowatts of energy.

  • Piped LPG (Bulk Supply)

    The gas supply is metered at your home. For the gas that you use, a fixed daily line charge and variable charge applies for the ongoing gas supply. OnGas reads your meter regularly and sends you an account, much like your electricity supply. Call us on 0800 84 12 12 to find out where our piped LPG networks are situated and pricing.

    Pegasus Bay Pegasus Town
    Kaiapoi The Lakes
    Lincoln Fife Tuscan - Lincolndale - Ryelands
    Tekapo Lochinver
    East Tekapo Tekapo Commercial
    Christchurch Northshore - Milns Court - The Limes - Tumara Park - Waitikiri - Kajens Country Estate - Madison Gardens - The Elms - Cashel Apartments - The Palms - Pierside
    Rolleston Rolleston
    Wanaka Wanaka Commercial - Riverside - Ngaio Point
    Lake Hayes Bendemeer - The Terraces
  • Gasfitting - New Installations

    OnGas Delivery

    If you're adding bottled gas to your home for the first time, you will require a gasfitter to install the pipework, connect your appliances and certify the installation is safe. Safety regulations require that once OnGas has delivered the cylinders, the gasfitter will need to return to connect the installation to the gas supply (cylinders) and turn the gas on.

    Apart from the gasfitter's time and materials (eg. pipework), there are some initial set up costs for your cylinder station which will also be incurrred from your gasfitter. These are items such as the concrete pavers to place the bottles on, chain set, regulator cover, and hoses.

    To get connected to OnGas simply call our friendly Customer Services Team on 0800 84 12 12 or you can simply complete our short and quick online form here.

    Find your local gasfitter here.

  • Appliances

    Appliance costs vary significantly. This information can be obtained from your local appliance retailer. As well as having up to date functionality, modern gas appliances are comparatively priced and their efficiency levels ensure that gas always remains a cost effective option for your energy needs