• If you like cooking, you’ll love cooking with OnGas LPG. With the vast array of designer-styled cooking appliances and the instant heat and precise control that gas delivers, it’s easy to see why gas is the choice of chefs and home designers alike.

    Cooking with gas offers a range of benefits that you wouldn't otherwise get with electric stoves. With gas you get better accuracy with the temperature as the heat is much more controllable.

    The other benefit is instant ignition. Modern gas cooking stoves have electornic ignition so they are much easier to start. Gas stoves also come in very handy when there is a power outage.

    Cooking Appliances

    Gas Stove

    If you are building, renovating or just generally thinking of upgrading, then you may be lucky enough to include new appliances. It is quite common for homeowners to fit their kitchen with gas appliances.

    The modern gas appliances that are now available can completely transform your kitchen design. A wide range of retailers can guide you with the perfect information to help you in choosing what will work best for you. To find an appliance retailer click here.

    Don't forget that gas offers you:

    • Ultimate cooking control - cook your food exactly the way you like it.
    • Succulent results - water vapour produced by gas keeps food moist.
    • Variation of styles and models - find the one that suits your layout and style of cooking.
    • Savings - gas is economic and efficient.
    Gas Hob
  • Barbecues

    Gas BBQ

    We all love a backyard barbie surrounded by a few mates and our family. It's truly a staple kiwi event!

    With every new year comes a new range of models of barbecues to enhance your outdoor entertainment area. There are in-built BBQ models available. These are connected to piped gas or a large bottled gas supply, so you'll never have to worry about the gas running out just as you throw the sausages on the barbie!

    Flexible - you can cook almost anything.

    You can swap out your gas bottle at any one of our OnGas Bottle Swap retailers. Find your nearest retailer here.

    If you’re building or renovating a home, then upgrading to gas gives you the perfect opportunity to create a modern, designer kitchen with sleek appliances that make the most of the beauty of cooking with OnGas.

    It's easy to connect to OnGas. Simply complete our online form here or call our friendly Customers Services Team on 0800 84 12 12.