• Piped LPG Conversion Table

    CF=FP x FA x FT x CV

    Pressure Factor (FP) The pressure factor calculates the meter pressure, as determined by the type of meter and regulator installed at your property and converts the gas volume at a standard absolute pressure of 101.325kPa.
    Altitude Factor (FA) We identify the altitude of your property, then apply the altitude factor to correct for properties above sea level due to the pressure factor above assuming the meter pressure is measured at mean sea level.
    Temperature Factor (FT) We identify the average ground temperature at 30 cm below ground (provided by NIWA). We then apply a temperature factor that converts measured gas volume to a gas volume at a standard temperature of 15C.
    Gas Calorific Value (CV) We identify the composition mix of propane and/or butane at delivery points for each customer and determine the energy output for that composition.
    The composition mix will vary month to month.