• What to do if you think you have a gas leak …


    1. If you cannot safely turn off the leak:

    • Call 111 and ask for the Fire Service
    • Evacuate and isolate the area immediately
    • Important note: Do not reuse any defective appliance that may have been leaking until it has been tested

    2. If you smell gas, turn off the leaky cylinder and all gas appliances

    • (if safe to do so):
    • To turn off the cylinder, use a wet towel to close the valve on the leaking cylinder
    • Remove or extinguish potential ignition sources such as naked flames, cigarettes and electrical devices
    • Do not switch any electrical appliances on or off – this could cause a spark
    • Open doors and windows
    • If the leak has stopped, contact your gasfitter to check your connection
    • If you cannot stop the leak, evacuate the area and call 111

    Natural Gas

    For all Natural Gas emergencies or faults please contact 0800 809 709
    In any instance where Fire, Ambulance or Police services are required please dial 111