• Bottle Swap is a fast, safe and convenient way to swap your empty 9kg LPG bottle for a full one. All our bottles are new, near new, or fully refurbished; safety checked and leak tested, so you'll get a great bottle every time.

    It sure is. Each gas bottle is sent to our plant where they are safety and leak tested. Any bottles that are close to the 10 year expiry; receive a full test. Those bottles that are deemed unsafe, are taken out of circulation.

    Aside from being fast, safe and convenient, we safety check each bottle before it is delivered to our Bottle Swap retail outlets.

    Every bottle is digitally weighed and correctly filled by trained OnGas LPG staff to ensure you get a correctly filled bottle every time. We have strict safety measures in place to ensure gas bottle safety.

    These services are not always offered when you refill your gas bottle. Bottles can be incorrectly filled which can cause cylinders to vent gas through the pressure relief valve that is part of the main valve. This can happen when the bottle has been over-filled and the gas gets warmer and the pressure builds which is a dangerous situation when transporting and/or using your gas bottle.

    You can purchase a full Bottle Swap gas bottle at any of our retail outlets.

    The cylinder you return empty belongs to Bottle Swap and the filled bottle you pay for belongs to you. In effect, the ownership swaps when you swap the gas bottle.

    Every Bottle Swap bottle is digitally weighed for accuracy to ensure each bottle is correctly filled to 9kg (excluding the weight of the bottle). All full Bottle Swap bottles will have a green cap covering the valve to indicate it is full.

    Carefully pour hot water down one side of your gas bottle. A line of condensation may appear, which will indicate the gas level. If no line appears, then carefully run your hand down the side of the bottle. Where it is very cold to touch this is the level of gas remaining in the bottle. Remember to be careful when using hot water.

    If you cannot see any line of condensation, or cannot feel a difference in temperature, an alternative is to use your bathroom scales and weigh the bottle. The empty weight of the bottle is stamped on the valve collar. It will look something like EW 8.85KG. The weight on the bathroom scales, less 8.85KG will give you the gas contents remaining. CAUTION! Never open the valve on an unattached gas bottle to check for remaining gas, even if you think it is empty.

    We understand you want to get the most value out of your gas bottle and wish to use all of the gas bottle's contents. If you think you're going to run out mid-BBQ, or want to run your heater until it stops, then we recommend you own a second bottle so you can run your first bottle completely dry.

    If you don't own a second bottle you can easily purchase one at any Bottle Swap outlet.

    Not at all. All you need to do is swap your existing bottle at any Bottle Swap retail outlet. Once you swap once, you can continue to swap your bottle at any one of our outlets. There are no joining fees.

    Whilst we accept 9kg LPG bottles with the following valves, Bottle Swap only supplies the 9kg QCC valve. It is important you check to see whether the Bottle Swap QCC valve will connect to your appliance.

    Yes. We accept bottles that are showing a test date older than 10 years.

    If you are not happy with the condition of the bottle, simply return it back to the retailer who will swap it for another bottle.

    We strive to offer a near new cylinder every time and would love to hear from you if you receive a cylinder you consider unsatisfactory. Contact us at bottleswap@ongas.co.nz

    We have a few basic requirements. Bottles that are not okay to swap include:

    Corrosion Damaged collar ring Dents Excessive Rust Gouge Rust on surface

    There are a number of Bottle Swap retailers throughout New Zealand. Simply click here to find your nearest retailer.

    Bottle Swap prices may vary slightly from various retailers. To make an enquiry click here for a list of Bottle Swap retailers near you.

    Bottle Swap is likely to cost a little more, as our service offers you more than just gas in a bottle. Behind the scenes we take extra care with each and every gas bottle that gets swapped, to give you a near new bottle every time you swap.

    Our cylinder refurbishing plant washes every bottle to remove dirt, grease and labels; then receive a new coat of paint. Bottles with excessive rust damage are stripped to bare metal, checked, primed and then repainted before refilling.

    All bottles are leak tested and have their expiry dates checked, to ensure only those with valid dates are filled. Bottles that are out of date are refurbished, given new valves and then stamped with a new date.

    Cylinders that do not meet our standards and need to be taken out of circulation, have their valves removed and are recycled.

    All refurbished bottles get transported from our refurbishing plant, to our filling depots, then delivered to hundreds of retail outlets throughout New Zealand to make it easy for you to swap your bottle.